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The cultivation of passion fruit, newly awakened interest in the region of MG-Perdizes, mainly due to the high interest of a major player in Brazilian sector of bottled juices, the . Maguary. The company, located near the region (Araguari-MG), imposes strong demand for the Passion Fruit, and even developed their own genetic variations of the fruit.

The company grew sharp recently, both internally and externally, expanded markets and also faced a crop failure in most of the suppliers of the product, due to infection by a virus ("aphid") that dramatically decreased the supply of the product locally, which keep prices at attractive levels.

Taking advantage of this "wave" and the flow of production facilities, the property, in 2010, began the cultivation of the fruit. Drawing on the previous lemon area. About 1530 feet was planted in an area of 5.8 hectares (ha) (the low number per hectare is due to structure planting of the lemon trees).

The year 2011/12 promises a harvest of approximately 91,837 kg (yield about 46 t / ha / year)

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The property has 7 hectare (ha) of planted area, with approximately 1,800 lemon trees of Tahiti specie, which were planted in 2005 with drip irrigation system deployed.

The property has the capacity to supply 300 kg per month throughout the year, thanks to drip irrigation.

Merchant: if you have a market or grocery near Perdizes MG (region) and would like to tell us in a partnership system for the supply of lemon and / or passion fruit, we will be happy to assist you, please contact us!