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The property has 88,65 hectares (ha) of cropped area, containing approximately 334,000 of coffee trees, from species: Catuai, New World and Topaz, which are divided into five areas, cropped between 1997 and 2012.


From 2010 the farm began a long and continuous process of improving the quality of produced coffees, the standardization of processes throughout the production cycle, to the record of all operations and activities related to the production of specialty coffees.


The result of all measures implemented, culminated in October/2013, in the renovation, for the third year consecutively of the respected UTZ certified of quality.

Certificado de Qualidade Utz Certified is a worldwide certification for coffee production and trading of responsable coffees, ensuring the efficient management of farms and the obedience of social and environmental criteria in coffee production. The program offers security for the whole chain of coffee and has an online tracking system called "Track-and-Report" that tracks certified coffee throughout the entire chain, from grower to roaster, allowing buyers and consumers to know the origin of the coffee. The requirements of Utz Certified Code of Conduct ensure that certified coffee is not mixed with non-certified coffee and meets the most stringent consumer demand, as it serves the food laws of Europe, the United States and Japan, beyond a rigorous system to verify the processes of harvesting and post-harvest coffee, such as cleaning equipment, drying and storage of coffee. The farm is audited annually by the Institute certifying Genesis - IGCert Certification, approved by UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside.