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The property has243.89 ha (46,6%) of pasture, which are currently divided into 13 areas, which maintain an approximately 450 simultaneous fattening cattle.


Since the beginning the property devoted to livestock production.


The cattle ranch is mostly "nelore / anelorado", but also containing cross specimens.
Giving segment to a precision agriculture project, with the maximization of quality X return by area, a large pasture was renovated during the year 2010 (harrowing and phosphate) and we intend to implement a management strategy, with deployment of small paddocks, thus ensuring a better use of forage, greater rotation (rotational grazing) and control over the animals.

Typically, long grass, contain on average 2 heads per hectare, whereas the rotational grazing system, in the same area can be placed 8 animals. In addition, the meat yield is higher than when they graze over larger areas.

The strategy is therefore: do not outsource, increase the capacity of fattening simultaneously and working at the limit of the maximum capacity of the property (precision farming).